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Brandon G. Wallin

Trio Assist's owner Brandon Wallin has a unique background and loves process improvement! After many years of doing the exact same things you'll see here, Brandon has decided to offer his services to the public in hopes to help others define their time and structure their business needs all while keeping it simple!

Brandon has a diverse background including Healthcare Supply Chain Management, Music Promotion, Artist Development, Social Media Management, Web Design, Restaurant Management, and he even owned/operated his own music promotional company which he has since sold.

Within the many areas of Brandon's background his primary focuses have always been customer satisfaction, process improvement, public relations, online presence and the overall helping of others to succeed and grow with their hopes, dreams, and businesses. 

Brandon started Trio Assist to bring his hands on experience and knowledge to others.  His background allows him to understand the needs of others with ease and overall bring happiness to others by making things flow well and having fun making the necessary changes to bring overall satisfaction.  

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