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Social MEdia Basics

Our social basics package includes everything you need to get you set up and running on social media platforms. Let us show you how to connect with your friends and family. When choosing this package we’ll set you up with 4 social media accounts on the platforms of your choice. We’ll create, set up the proper links, make sure the settings are set up to best suit your needs and have you ready to launch them in no time.

Cost: Starting at $300+ (custom packages available)


Social Media Privacy

Our personal privacy package provides individuals peace of mind on their social media accounts.  Rules and regulations are always changing and you likely won’t hear a word about it. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more have access to more of your information than you think.  Is that same information visible or accessible to your friends, family, or place of work?  Let us take care of the work behind the scenes to make sure you’re protected on the social media accounts you use.  We’ll work with you on the privacy settings you prefer on up to 4 of your social media accounts, and send you on your way feeling good.

Cost: Starting at $300+ (custom packages available)


Custom packages

Above you'll see just a few basic packages we've put together.  Those fit the needs of some, but not all. With that said, if you don't see what you're looking for, reach out today and we can discuss a custom package for you.


Website design

We offer straight forward, easy to use websites starting as low as $500. Reach out today and lets get your business, personal blog and anything else you can think of setup with a custom website!

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